Credit Collection Operations Manager

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  • Job LocationChennai
  • Expereience5+ years
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Posted on: 09th Sep 2023

Position Overview

We seek a dynamic and experienced Credit Collection Operations Manager to lead our credit collection efforts in Andhra Pradesh. The successful candidate will oversee the end-to-end credit collection process, manage a team of credit collectors, interface with the sales team, implement efficient strategies, and ensure the timely recovery of outstanding debts while maintaining positive customer relationships.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Team Leadership
    • Lead and manage a team of credit collectors, providing guidance, support,and fostering a positive working environment.
    • Set clear performance goals, targets, and KPIs for the collection team.
    • Conduct regular performance evaluations, provide feedback, and identify opportunities for training and development.
  2. Strategy Development and Implementation
    • Develop and implement effective credit collection strategies that align with the company's goals and financial objectives.
    • Analyze data to identify trends, delinquent accounts, and potential risks, and adjust strategies accordingly.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to improve the credit assessment process and minimize future collection challenges.
  3. Debt Recovery
    • Oversee the collection of outstanding debts by contacting customers through various channels, including phone calls, emails, and written correspondence.
    • Negotiate repayment plans, settlements, and resolve disputes in a professional and respectful manner.
    • Monitor progress and take appropriate actions to escalate collection efforts when necessary.
  4. Process Improvement
    • Continuously assess and enhance the credit collection processes to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.
    • Implement technology solutions to automate and optimize the collection workflow, reducing manual tasks and errors.
  5. Reporting and Analysis
    • Generate regular reports on collection activities, recovery rates, and key performance indicators for senior management.
    • Utilize data insights to identify areas for improvement and proactively address issues impacting collection effectiveness.
  6. Compliance and Legal Matters
    • Ensure all collection activities comply with relevant regulations, laws, and ethical standards.
    • Collaborate with legal teams to handle escalated cases and address potential legal actions.
  7. Customer Relationship Management
    • Maintain positive and professional relationships with customers while collecting outstanding debts.
    • Handle customer inquiries, resolve concerns, and provide assistance to promote effective debt recovery.

Qualifications and Skills